The Fire Alarm system will function as follows

Condition 1

Alarm BoxIn the event someone pulls/activates a street fire box the following sequence of events will occur. The Bull Horn will blast the numerical count of the fire box number 4 times (rounds). About a minute after the first two rounds blast, the sirens located in the center of town, East Mines & Arnouts Addition will cycle low to high for approx... one minute.

Condition 2

If the Communications (911) Center receives a fire call for within the Borough or in the event we are called to assist outside of the Borough, they will be able to activate the Fire Alarm System along with the pager notification for the firemen that have pagers. In this event the Bull will blast 33 for two rounds and the sirens will act as it did as if a street box was pulled.

Condition 3

TornadoIf the siren located in the center of town is activated for a severe weather event ( take immediate shelter) such as a tornado, the siren will blow on the high tone for 3 minutes.

Condition 4

FloodIf the siren located in the center of town is activated for a flood condition, (Move out of low lying areas near Mill Creek) the siren will blow from low to high for two minutes with an additional hi/lo tone.

Condition 5

One blast indicates a test or possible system fault.


Every Wednesday at noon a different street fire box will be tested to ensure that they function if ever needed. At noon on the first Wednesday of each month, the Schuylkill County Communications Center will test the 33 box.