Feature: Large Item Sticker Program



In lieu of the traditional clean up week the Large Item Sticker Policy will now be implemented.

A $5.00 sticker can be purchased at the St. Clair Municipal Building. Each large item will require a sticker. This sticker must be placed on the item and placed at curbside on the third Wednesday of the month. Some months the collection date may vary so be sure to check the advertised dates.


two large items will require two stickers. The stickers are prenumbered for tracking purposes.


No tires, batteries, refrigerators or construction material will be collected. Wood bundles must be tied and no longer than five feet in length.

Program Limitations

The program is for St. Clair Borough sanitation customers only. No material from outside the Borough is allowed. Violators will be prosecuted.

Collection Dates

Collection is every third Wednesday of the month.