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This is how to change your screen resolution. Depending on your operating system, e.g. Windows 7, Select Control Panel (under Start/Settings) and click Display. Then select the Settings tab and choose Screen Resolution to set it at 1024x768 for example.


The website uses minor Java scripts for the Print function, the explanatory text for “Our websites" and the Adjust page. You must activate JavaScript in your browser before these can work... on the other hand the website itself will work without JavaScript.

Personal data and integrity

* The information we acquire about visitors is not used to trace them. We use the information to register statistics on the number of visitors and to see which pages they visit.

* Please note that all messages sent to us are considered public documents and can be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents.

* The appropriate security technology is used to safeguard your personal data.

* Users of the website are sometimes asked to give their name and address when they use certain web services. The personal details you submit are registered and processed in compliance with the Personal Data Act. This means that the information is stored no longer than necessary, no information is disclosed to any companies or organisations, nor is it used for any purpose other than that for which it was requested.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitorīs computer and contains information. Cookies are normally used to improve the usefulness of the website for the user.


There are two types of cookies:


1. One type of cookie saves a file that remains on your computer. These are used for example to adapt the website to the visitorīs personal wishes, choices and interests.


2. The second type is called a session cookie. These are stored temporarily in your computerīs memory while you are visiting the website. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. No personal data about the visitor like an e-mail address or a name is registered.


At this website we only use what are called session cookies to keep track of what kind of database searches visitors are making. Cookies are used in other words for purely technical reasons and today they are used by most websites.


Switching off cookies:


If you do not want to accept cookies your browser can be set to refuse them automatically or to inform you when a website contains cookies. The browser also enables you to delete cookies that have previously been downloaded. See your browserīs help page for more information..


If the printed texts issued by the Borough of St. Clair (in reports for instance) differ from the texts published in pdf-format on the website, the latter are to apply. The Borough of St. Clair cannot be held liable for any errors in the information provided on websites it refers to.

Comments and questions

If you have comments on or questions about the contents of any page on the website, please contact the person responsible for the information (this information is provided at the bottom of each page). We are continually working to improve our website. If you have comments or questions about the way the information is organised, functions, technical requirements etc., please contact the Web Administrator (e-mail address: rpanchari@PanchariAssociates.com).